Are you a student interested in Undergraduate Research? Dr. Bonham’s research group is always looking for highly motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic student researchers. Undergraduate research broadens your horizons, prepares you for a future career in science or bio-technology, and lets you “test drive” a career path. Visit Bonham Lab Research to learn more.


Currently, the Bonham Research Lab is seeking students in the following areas:

Fluorimetric Assay Design
We are looking for a student with an interest in optics and bio-engineering, for the goal of designing, building, and testing an array-based fluorimetric assay and/or TIRF (total internal reflectance fluorescence) instrument.

Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental Testing and Teaching
We are looking for a student with a background in electrical engineering or electronics design, with an interest in building and optimizing hand-held electrochemical instruments for detecting environmental damage and for use in educational courses.

Hydrogel and Polymer Chemistry for Electrochemical Sensing
We are looking for a student with a background in organic chemistry, with an interest in designing and synthesizing novel hydrogel polymers to protect and passivate electrode surfaces for bio-sensing applications.


If you are interested in working with the Bonham Research Lab, contact Dr. Bonham and introduce your background/qualifications and availability for research work.