So, what does happen to the majority of these missing people? The dogs protected her, fed her, and likely loved her. For those who go in an dont come out, its a very concerning issue, particularly as there is no way of knowing exactly how many people go missing. According to the elderly man who accompanied her, there was allegedly another group of hikers nearby. MU Podcasts. ), "People disappear and are found in the middle of berry bushes," Paulides writes. Missing 411: Hundreds of Strange Disappearances in our National Parks, Reptilian Beings Emerged During CIAs Interdimensional Experiments, Walt Disneys Horrifying Background & Heinous Agenda, The U.S. Army Encountered Subterranean Reptilians While Stationed in Vietnam. Some dismiss the disappearances in places like Yosemite and Crater Lake National Parks, as either accidents or foul play, by criminals or serial killers. He had a history of spending time outdoors, especially in the area. Missing 411 is a contentious subject with a very human face. Oftentimes these canines cannot pick up a scent, or simply dont want to. Facebook Some people are criticizing the scientific validity of the stories and perhaps they have a point, I don't know. National parks have historically been places that inspire morbid curiosity and rampant imagination. Sadly, its easy to Google and begin reading articles of murdered people in parks and federal lands, but one must look at this on a broader scale. And he's seemingly allowed his work to become paranormal fodder, quite possibly because he thinks Bigfoot, or something else, is abducting people. If someone wanted to see a case file, a records clerk would have to sift through them. Before this, records were kept in boxes, on paper. A Net Inceptions project. "We plunge once again into the deep end of the paranormal pool. According to a summary of her official cold case file, that was the last time anyone saw Arrasor the last time anyone is known to have seen her. Next time youre making hiking or camping plans and a friend tells you they dont want to go because of feral people. No Response. Paulides noted that many of these instances occur near bodies of water around granite boulders. He later claimed the agency hasn't "looked at her case in 25 years. They informed Paulides about a series of bizarre missing persons cases happening within the National Parks. They had told friends about a weirdo camping near them, but officials have yet to identify a suspect. But in the case of Missing 411, the explanation to these disappearances could be something else entirely. Important Article, Thank You Emily For The Information. These perplexing characteristics leave far more questions than answers. Unfortunately, there is no centralized database for missing people, and many parks do not even document disappearances specifically in their own parks. Missing 411. However, youd think search dogs would be able to pick up a scent. He also claims that the government is hiding something and is not forthcoming with information about these cases. Interestingly, UFO sightings often correlate with these hotspots, sometimes even around the same time that someone has gone missing. These include people who may have wanted to intentionally vanish, though the cases of other missing people have . If you were visiting a national park and there was a website where you could see where people took a wrong turn and got lost, went off trail and fell off a cliff, ran into a bears den, you would be able to ensure you didnt repeat those exact same tragedies. Cadaver dogs are unable to locate a corpse. I agree wholeheartedly- there is definitely something going on at a much deeper level. Scan of missing person flyer distributed by Yosemite after the July 1981 disappearance of Stacy Ann Arras (pictured). It makes you think twice about hiking in any of these areas. (I was unable to independently verify this.) We ask for social media help but we try to be careful, because you have a lot of cybersleuths out there. Additionally, there are strangely small distances of separation between the victims. EIN: 22-2306795, Email us at In 2015, a jury found Henthorn guilty of first-degree murder. According to our own research, statistics show that Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Rocky Mountain, and Yosemite National parks have the highest rates of Search and Rescue (SAR). Our search-and-rescue (SAR) responders, officers, and special agents are the subject-matter experts for inland SAR and missing person investigations, from urban parks to wilderness areas of the NPS. Other clusters, however, are wildly bizarre. Search-and-rescue teams eventually stopped looking for Arras. All Rights Reserved. Paulides has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to the research of 411 cases and has written a series of books on the subject. Stacey was a fourteen-year-old girl on a horse riding trip with her father and several other friends in Yosemite National Park. Paulides created the Missing 411 books and documentary, which chronicle allegedly preternatural disappearances in or near national parks. In Stacey Arras case, she went only a short distance from the party she was riding with. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The tragic Gabby Petito story sparked some controversy and got a lot of attention the past few weeks, though you cant be blamed for letting it fall off your radar with how fast news cycles move. In May of 1996, 26-year-old Lollie Winans and 24-year-old Julianne Williams set out for a trip to Shenandoah National Park with their golden retriever. This man has never been identified, but analysis of the body was never able to determine the cause of death. Discover our four plan options These four instances exemplify the strange anomaly within Missing 411 cases of particular hotspots. The majority of missing persons who are found are ruled accidents and have nothing to do with feral humans in National Parks; many die of exposure, falling, or in rare cases, animal attacks. If that ends up being local law enforcement, that's usually where the records will be. One of the most startling of these is the mystery of 411 disappearance hotspots. The 231,533-acre wilderness area is located west of Mammoth Lakes and the Sierra Nevada Crest in Madera County. Frequently the victim will travel an astounding amount of miles through treacherous terrain in a time period which seems humanly impossible. The lake was nearby within earshot of the site, and the area was not known for any instances of animal predation. Hunters have disappeared from wildlands without a trace for hundreds of years. He claims to have spent 7,000 hours researching cases like Arras'interviewing families, law enforcement, and search-and-rescue personnel; poring over newspaper archives; and submitting hundreds of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. (13 Safety Tips). Youtbe videos and books i read indicates the 1/3 that came down with satan, theyre the giants, which it culture had a different name for them like big foot, yeti, sasquatch, nephilium, Anacuckii ect. Its why there are so many criminal forensic tv shows, and podcasts and documentaries dedicated to murders and other grisly acts. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The mysterious disappearance of Alfred Edwin Beilhartz continues to baffle the authorities even today. We don't know why the National Park Service doesn't keep track of missing persons. A forest ranger that witnessed the exchange described it as two entirely different operations that seemed to have their own agendas. What was likely a picturesque and enjoyable ride over the stunning wilderness of Yosemite became a nightmare for the Arras family. A growing theory on TikTok and Reddit is spreading, perhaps these disappearances could be blamed on something else feral humans. The NPS is dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and wellness of our visitors and employees. It's allegedly buggy, and poorly made. Join the list to receive special offers and updates! He chronicles hundreds of eerily similar yet unrelated cases of missing individuals in national parks and wilderness areas. It's not a game of making wild guesses.". They need to document X, Y, and Z,'" the law enforcement official added. David Paulides presents the haunting true stories of hunters experiencing the unexplainable in the woods of North America. David Paulides also noticed this recurring motif of bodies turning up in areas that rescuers had already combed thoroughly and near frequented spots. Accept Read More, Mysterious Disappearances in the Bennington Triangle, Vermont, The Mysterious Dyatlov Pass Student Deaths in the Urals, The Curious Tale of Keith Reinhard in Silver Plume, Colorado, The Roanoke Colony Disappearance is Still a Mystery. "Adding to that, every park is its own special, semi-autonomous fiefdom," they said. hermon. Drowning has remained the number one cause of death in national parks over the last decade, after all. What most people are picturing is mentally insane, wild people living in the woods barefoot. She did file an official report but no conclusive evidence was found. Stacey set off on a hike with a 77-year-old man who was on the trip; he grew tired and rested while she continued and was last seen standing on a rock. The year 2013 saw more national park disappearances than in the past 27 years combined. "There's never been a push from the Interior Department to say, 'this is what your rangers do. Books and documentaries have attempted to uncover the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable, and petitions have called for better tracking of missing persons in national parks and other federal lands. North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.Canam Missing ProjectRedditYowie Hunters, Working from Australia's capital city of Sydney, Lochlan is a student of Anthropology and History. "The technical side sucks and is less than intuitive, but the accountability is shoved onto street-level supervisors to check that people are doing their jobs.". Reporting a missing person is voluntary in 40 of the 50 States, and law-enforcement participation is also voluntary. His work focuses on an analysis of case files acquired through the Freedom of Information Act. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | DMCA Notice, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Yet, people haven't forgotten her. The National Parks Service leaves it to local law enforcement to track and solve or file away as cold the cases of people who have gone missing. . It is interesting how many people report feeling ill/ tired prior to their disappearance. They had 1,400 people, including the National Guard and Special Forces searching for Dennis. But is it good marketing, or predatory spinning? The next day, Johnathan Hill told authorities he was present when Forrest Hill killed Gaddis for interfering in his relationship with a woman. These fears are not entirely irrational either, with 2,727 deaths in U.S. national parks over the past twelve years. 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